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How To Become a Cleaner In One Simple Step

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In today’s busy world, finding time to fit in everything you need to do in a day can feel impossible. Between getting the kids to and from school and all their commitments, working full time, keeping your fridge and pantry stocked and staying in touch with friends and family – it is hard enough to find time to sleep let alone keep your house clean.

Apply to Absolute Domestics

When you want to become a cleaner, what better opportunity than to do it with one of the nation’s biggest companies. Absolute Domestics has been servicing houses across the country for 29 years, providing employment to thousands of people like you. That’s why we make it easy. All you have to do is click on the ‘Become a Cleaner’ page on our website and fill out a form. All this form asks is your name, contact information and address. Then once you’ve done this it gets sent to us and we process it. If approved, you can begin to work with us immediately. It really is that easy. Once you have joined you will share the same benefits as everyone else who has got a cleaners job with Absolute Domestics.

Great News! We have a solution for both scenarios!

Once you have joined you will share the same benefits as everyone else who has got a cleaners job with Absolute Domestics.  Once you have joined you will share the same benefits as everyone else who has got a cleaners job with Absolute Domestics.

Great Pay

Not only will your family get more quality with you – and likely less nagging to clean up after themselves – but they will benefit from a healthier environment. While your house may look clean on the surface, neglecting more hidden aspects of your home may lead to a build of allergens and dust. In addition, all touch surfaces require frequent sterilization to ensure sickness and illness isn’t passed through your home. You and your family can also enjoy the mental benefits that come from living in a clean space. Not only will you have one less thing to worry about, but you will also love the feeling of living in a fresh and clean space. Be proud to have family and friends visit your home, and never turn down a party because you need to catch up on the housework!

Flexible hours

When you join Absolute Domestics you can become your own boss. That means picking the hours that you want to work. Whether you have education you attend two days a week or you have to drop the kids off at school every morning, we offer the ability to choose your own availability. These hours are not permanent too, so if your situation changes you can change your availability to match that.

Work locally

Another great benefit of working with Absolute Domestics is that you get to work locally. Once our cleaners sign up to work in a certain region, that is the place they will be assigned jobs for. As well as this, they will be assigned an Area Manager who controls enquiries for that area. They will then make sure that you are only working in the area that you have chosen. As with hours, you can also change this to suit your life and current circumstances.

Insurance is covered

Each cleaner who joins Absolute Domestics will also get their insurance arranged for by the company. This means you do not have to worry about arranging it yourself and you can go to work without worrying about any potential repercussions if anything happens while cleaning.

Work with a friend

If you are looking to do a cleaning job as a duo then we accommodate for that too. When you sign up for a cleaners job with Absolute Domestics we offer an option to include a partner in your application. This means that once they sign up and fill out the same partner box, we will register you as a partnership. A partnership means you can both work together with the benefits of a single cleaner.

Ready to join Absolute Domestics and start your career as a cleaner? Click here to go to our ‘Become a Cleaner’ page and apply via our online form. If you have any questions regarding becoming a cleaner you can also contact us. Our friendly team are available over the phone on 1300 305 182.

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