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How To Apply For House Cleaning Jobs with Australia’s Best Cleaning Agency

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In today’s busy world, finding time to fit in everything you need to do in a day can feel impossible. Between getting the kids to and from school and all their commitments, working full time, keeping your fridge and pantry stocked and staying in touch with friends and family – it is hard enough to find time to sleep let alone keep your house clean.

Fill out our online application form

To join Absolute Domestics, you won’t have to worry about going through any third party application site. Instead, you can head straight to our website. Once there, you can easily locate the ‘Become a Cleaner’ tab in the taskbar, located above the ‘Contact Us’ text. After you have clicked on and read any information you needed to know prior to your application, you can click the orange apply now button that appears twice near the top of the page. Once you click on this you will be taken to a form to fill out your information.

This will just be information that any employer would ask in a job application, like age and location. The information provided will also be helpful later in the hiring process as it can inform where you will be working and whether you will be working with a friend. Once you have completed this, you will hear back from the Absolute Domestic team as soon as possible. They will tell you about if your application was successful and any further requirements for successfully applying for a house cleaning job.

If your application is accepted, you can reap the benefits that all professional cleaners with Absolute Domestics receive. These include:

Great News! We have a solution for both scenarios!

If your application is accepted, you can reap the benefits that all professional cleaners with Absolute Domestics receive. These include: If your application is accepted, you can reap the benefits that all professional cleaners with Absolute Domestics receive. These include:

Receive professional training

Not only will your family get more quality with you – and likely less nagging to clean up after themselves – but they will benefit from a healthier environment. While your house may look clean on the surface, neglecting more hidden aspects of your home may lead to a build of allergens and dust. In addition, all touch surfaces require frequent sterilization to ensure sickness and illness isn’t passed through your home. You and your family can also enjoy the mental benefits that come from living in a clean space. Not only will you have one less thing to worry about, but you will also love the feeling of living in a fresh and clean space. Be proud to have family and friends visit your home, and never turn down a party because you need to catch up on the housework!

Get looked after by an agency with over 20 years of experience

When you join Absolute Domestics, we make sure to look after you and your interests. From joining you will get to decide the hours you work and where you work. This means you still have control over your life. This makes a house cleaning job perfect for the independent soul who wants freedom away from their career. Once you have chosen which area you want to work, we will assign you to that location’s Area Coordinator. They will then give you jobs based on how suited you are to them. If your availability or location changes, we are very flexible with this too and make it easy for you to switch locations. We also make sure that you are kept up to date with all the information you need on a business side. For example, if you are asked for a Supplier Statement by a client, we provide all the relevant information for you in your cleaners portal. If you are unsure about anything within this portal, you can also contact your area coordinator for any queries.

Enjoy the benefits of a cleaning job where you are in control

Once you start working with Absolute Domestics you will receive a great pay for every job you do. This means that you can feel safe in the knowledge that when applying for a house cleaning job, you are getting the chance to turn it into a career. This pay will also include being covered under our insurance. We believe everyone should feel comfortable going to work and with this, we make sure that you and our clients feel secure during every service.

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