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How Can You Find Reliable House Cleaners In Australia?

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We live in a busy and competitive world. It can be hard to keep up with the pace. It is understandable why there is such a need for reliable domestic cleaners in this day and age. But, not all cleaners are equal. How can we know that one worker is of the same standard as another, or that they will take your needs as seriously as you expect? The answer is that reliability comes from having all of the right processes in place. A reliable agency will have all of the right procedures, from their method of recruitment to training and every step in between.

Video transcript:

Absolute Domestics is passionate about people. They’re passionate about making a difference in our clients’ lives. The way we do that is by providing them with a trained, trustworthy, reliable cleaner to go into their home, do the housework for them, whether that be washing, ironing, tidying or folding. That gives them their weekends back which gives them the opportunity to go to soccer on Saturday mornings and have Sundays relaxing by the pool.

On the other side of that, we have cleaners who we give employment to. We give them the ability to be in the workforce, working the hours that they’d like. Our reliable house cleaners are registered and come from a number of different backgrounds. We have working mums and retirees. What matters to us is that the cleaner is able to meet our clients’ expectations.

We support our cleaner through that process by giving them on the job training, by ensuring that they have a dedicated customer service officer working with them, their team manager, everyday. That enables them to reach our clients’ expectations.

As part of that process of reaching the expectations, we’re doing follow ups with our clients. We’re making sure that they’re happy, they know what they want and that at all times that service is delivered for them.

We do what we do because we’re passionate about people. We’re passionate about giving our clients their weekends back, making their life that little bit easier. Our clients work long hours, they’re busy people. They’ve got families to come home to. So when they get their Saturday mornings free and Sunday afternoons to spend time at home, they really appreciate it. That’s what’s important to us.

It’s also important we have domestic cleaners who are able to work effectively with our clients. They can work the hours that suit them as well. They’ve got families. They might be retirees and they’re looking for some extra work. As long as they can meet our expectations with our clients, it’s a win/win situation for both.

A high quality domestic cleaning service understands all of the potential needs of their clients. With the right infrastructure in place, an agency can find the best workers, train them to a set standard, and grow a business around meeting the personal needs of the client. Adding to this good communication and listening to customer feedback, and the result is reliability that builds long term trust.

If you are ready to connect with a cleaning service that meets all of your needs with confidence and reliability, we’re certain we’re the right match for you. Find out more about our team here.

About the author

Madisson Dillon

Madisson is a Communications Writer at Absolute Domestics – Australia’s Largest Agency for Domestic Cleaners, and an authority in the home services industry for over three decades.

Madisson plays a pivotal role in writing content for comprehensive contractor training programs and facilitating successful contractor referrals to a diverse clientele.

Her deep understanding of the domestic cleaning industry's dynamics, coupled with a commitment to excellence in service delivery, positions Madisson as an expert in the field.

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