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How to get the most out of your cleaning service

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Sometimes the small things often make the biggest impact. As our cleaners work for you in your home, they work to your instructions and really welcome encouragement and praise for a job well done. It can be really daunting walking into a home that is not your own and having a good rapport with the cleaner makes everything a little less intimidating.

We love it when a client builds a strong working relationship with their cleaner. Showing praise can be as simple as leaving out a thank you note to show how glad you are that they love cleaning because let’s face it, time constraints and competing priorities means we don’t all fall into that category!

Aspiring for domestic greatness…

Domestic cleaning often appeals to mums working around school hours, retirees looking to earn some extra income, students and new Australians keen to gain experience in the housekeeping industry. We have part time cleaners working 2 or 3 hours a day up to individuals and teams cleaning around 30 homes a week on a full time basis.

Regardless of who you have cleaning your home, the aim is always the same… to leave your home clean, neat and tidy!

Here are 3 ways you can get more from your service

1. Holidays

If you have upcoming holidays or you know you’ll be travelling for work, providing ample notice in advance to either your cleaner or the Agency means we have time to look for additional work for your cleaner while you are away. This allows them to keep to the income they have budgeted for until you return.

Even better, why not keep your domestic cleaner on over the break and use the service for catching up on all those time consuming jobs we never get to like organising the linen cupboard, cleaning the oven or fridge and sorting out the pantry.

A regular 2-3hr clean only really provides adequate time to cover the basics. This includes vacuuming, sweeping and mopping the floors, wiping down kitchen benches and tackling the bathroom. Keeping a scheduled clean while you’re away lets you stay on top of all the extra tasks that seem to creep up on us all.

2. Communication

Do you come home to find the whole place sparkling clean but then notice the cleaner has once again forgotten to empty the bathroom bin or left streaks on the mirror? And do you say nothing in the hope they remember next time? Chances are your cleaner is blissfully unaware of your frustration!

Communicating can be as simple as sending a quick text message, writing a note, contacting the Agency or catching up briefly before a service begins. This goes both ways too so if there isn’t enough time to get all chores completed, your cleaner may contact you to see if a priority list can be drawn up or extra time allocated to the clean so this can be resolved.

3. One hour free

After starting this business in 1993, Absolute Domestics has grown to become a leader in domestic home cleaning in Australia. And despite rapid advances in the way we all search for products and services, around 38% of our business still comes from referrals – we love that!

So if you enjoy having a cleaner and refer Absolute Domestics to family or friends, remember to ask them to drop your name when they book. We’re happy to offer 1 hour free on your next domestic cleaning service if a referral booking is made!

About the author

Madisson Dillon

Madisson is a Communications Writer at Absolute Domestics – Australia’s Largest Agency for Domestic Cleaners, and an authority in the home services industry for over three decades.

Madisson plays a pivotal role in writing content for comprehensive contractor training programs and facilitating successful contractor referrals to a diverse clientele.

Her deep understanding of the domestic cleaning industry's dynamics, coupled with a commitment to excellence in service delivery, positions Madisson as an expert in the field.

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