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NDIS House Cleaning Rates (Updated: 2024)

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Keeping your home clean, tidy and to a high-standard may be a difficult task for those who have disability, chronic illness or health challenges that inhibit mobility.

At Absolute Domestics, we understand the obstacles that many face in their daily lives.

We have therefore become NDIS Health Providers in an effort to enable all Australians to have a clean and tidy house to live in.

There are many rules and regulations that come with NDIS cleaning, and this guide will take you through the most recent updates and pricing available:

NDIS house cleaning rates

Home cleaning comes under the ‘Assistance with Daily Life’ Support Category in ‘Core’ purpose.

You must have funds in your plan under Core in order to be able to pay your cleaner.

These cleaning rates are set by NDIS to provide NDIS recipients with the relevant pricing for the appropriate support item.

Support Item Price With TTP Time frame Support Item Reference Number
Assistance with Personal Domestic Activities $55.03 TTP not applicable Hourly 01_004_0107_1_1
House Cleaning and Other Household Activities $54.07 TTP not applicable Hourly 01_020_0120_1_1

How much do NDIS cleaning services cost?

The cost of NDIS cleaning services is down to the type of support you receive from NDIS itself, rather than the NDIS Provider.

At Absolute Domestics, we charge based on the support item you or those you care for have in your plan.

Is equipment included for an NDIS clean?

Here at Absolute Domestics, we use your equipment and products so you know exactly what products are being used to clean your home.

This ensures that you have peace of mind when it comes to the chemicals used in your household, making it a safer and more familiar environment.

Who can use NDIS funding for a cleaner?

Using NDIS funding for house cleaning and other personal domestic activities comes down to whether your support plan has the right funding for it.

If you have support placed in the ‘Core’ purpose under the support category of ‘Assistance with Daily Life’ you will be able to use your NDIS funding for cleaning services.

Navigating your NDIS plan can be challenging at times, and working out whether you have funding for specific activities can take time and effort.

It is always recommended to get in touch with NDIS support services if you are experiencing difficulties in understanding how your budget can be allocated.

How does payment work for an NDIS cleaning service?

NDIS pricing arrangements usually varies from company to company, however, the hourly rate for house cleaning and other personal domestic activities is usually around the $50 mark.

This is for metropolitan and national areas, with remote areas increasing slightly in price.

For remote, it is around $70 and extremely remote leaning towards $76.

Payment for an NDIS cleaning service cannot be paid in advance with an NDIS plan, instead, an invoice must be sent to NDIS for reimbursement.

This payment process ensures that cleaning services are deemed essential and fulfil all the requirements necessary for NDIS support.

How to invoice for NDIS cleaning services

NDIS does not pay for cleaning services in advance and requires a detailed invoice to be sent. This invoice must include the following information:

  1. NDIS participant’s Name and NDIS number
  2. Business Name and valid ABN for the business
  3. Invoice Date
  4. Unique invoice number
  5. NDIS line item number
  6. Dates of the services provided
  7. Number of hours (or other units) provided and Rate at which you are charging
  8. Bank Account Details for prompt payment
  9. Email address where to send remittance advice and/or additional questions

NDIS cleaning invoice example

NDIS cleaning travel invoice example

NDIS support does include cleaner travel time into your budget, if your provider requires payment for travel.

At Absolute Domestics, we do not charge for travel time as it is all included within the base price for cleaning tasks and services.

However, if required, a cleaning travel invoice must include the following:

  1. Provider Labour Time – Cleaning
  2. Provider Travel Time
  3. Provider Travel – non-labour cost per km

Here’s an example of a cleaning travel invoice:

Book an NDIS cleaning service with Absolute Domestics

Keeping your home clean and tidy is an essential part of ensuring you have quality emotional and physical health.

In circumstances where an individual cannot complete these daily tasks themselves, using NDIS cleaning services enables a healthy and happy lifestyle.

At Absolute Domestics, we ensure our professional cleaners work with kindness and respect on all of their appointments.

Book in today for your NDIS cleaning services with Absolute Domestics.

Frequently asked questions

What do most NDIS house cleaners charge per hour?

NDIS house cleaners charge based on NDIS house cleaning rates.

While most NDIS cleaning rates will fall around the $50 mark for metropolitan areas, remote housing may have additional charges and can be up to $76.

Can cleaners charge travel under NDIS?

Yes, NDIS cleaners can charge for travel. This charge can be sent to NDIS as a separate invoice and will have a reimbursement.

Can you claim carpet cleaning on NDIS?

Yes, NDIS cleaners can charge for travel.

This charge can be sent to NDIS as a separate invoice and will have a reimbursement.

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