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Folding Guide – Helpful Tips for a Productive Laundry Day

Doing the laundry can seem to take an eternity, especially if you have a family. And because of the seemingly endless flow of dirty washing, it can feel like you can never get anything else done because you can’t seem to pry yourself away from the machine. Even after it’s all done, you will then spend what seems like half your life folding it! And this is where the real time waster is: folding your washing. We know that you have a million and one other things that you need to be doing, which is why we have put together a folding guide that offers maximum efficiency, because we’ve sourced the ultimate laundry hacks in the world. Laundry doesn’t have to be boring! Following these clothes folding hacks will completely transform the way that you do the washing – and it’s about time too!

1. Folding shirts the quick way

This little tip is the best way to fold washing, and we know so because it is the shirt folding technique that is used by all high end designers when they are trying to fold things quickly. The best thing about this tip is that even when you’ve folded it, you will easily be able to tell which shirt is which. First things first: hold up your shirt where the shoulders meet the sleeves. With your fingers, push back the sleeves so they hang behind. Now quickly put the shirt down and fold it in half, bottom to collar. Voila! In less than five seconds, you have folded a shirt! This works perfectly for t shirts as well as shirts, which means that for the men in your life, you pretty much have their entire wardrobe covered.

2. The sock drawer hack

Out of all of our laundry hacks for folding your washing, we think this one will make the biggest change to your life. Ready? Here we go: socks. A laundry nightmare, especially when we spend the rest of the day hunting for the lost ones that never seem to turn up. If you want to avoid that, then you need to do something that few people ever do – throw away all of your socks! Just before you do that, head down to the shop, and buy about ten pairs from one brand, in one colour. Now whenever you do the laundry you won’t have to sort them out: just put them away separately, because no matter which two you choose groggily in the morning, they’re guaranteed to match.

3. Easily find your underwear

Many people don’t even bother to fold up their underwear and we know what you are thinking . . . are you giving us even more things to fold? Seriously, folding undies? Don’t worry: this folding hack will actually be really quick, and make your daily life that much easier. Instead of just piling all of your underwear into a basket or a drawer, roll each pair. Some people even use an old hair tie to keep each one in place. It just takes a few seconds, and now you can pop each one horizontally in a drawer. This makes them so much easier to find, and if you are trying to find that one pair of underwear that goes with that outfit, then you will be able to find it within seconds! Your drawer will also look like an incredible game of Tetris, which is just another great bonus.

4. Holiday packing made easier!

If you are lucky enough to be going on holiday soon, don’t worry – there are still plenty of folding hacks for you! Try this origami folding masterpiece . . . When you are folding a men’s shirt, roll a leather belt inside the inner part of the collar. This not only keeps your belt from tying itself in a knot, but it also keeps the shirt collar stiff – perfect for those posh meals that he’ll treat you to . . . right? Another great trick is to finally put those unused Tetris skills to good use, by creating something really clever, as well as quite practical. Folding up socks into shoes saves space, and folding up outfits together as you are going to wear them, means that you will not only pack as lightly as possible, but you won’t have to worry each day about what you’re going to wear!

5. And best of all . . .

If folding is all getting too much, then this is one of the classic signs that you simply own too much! If you find that there are some clothes in your wardrobe that you cannot remember wrestling with to fold, then you probably have not worn it for the last six months – and that means that it can definitely go. Cleaning out your closet will mean less washing, and therefore less folding, and you’ll only be folding the clothes that you actually like and are going to wear.

Congratulations! Folding laundry no longer has to be a chore – now it can be something that you breeze through! With these amazing folding hacks, you now have more time to spend with your kids, hang out with your friends, and even take up a new hobby. But don’t worry: if you are finding all of this far too much of a bother to deal with, let us do the hard work for you. We can always help out – it’s hard to believe, but we love cleaning! Just simply contact Absolute Domestics to find some of the greatest folders in the country.

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