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The 5 Best Albums to Have on While You Clean

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Remember when you were a kid and your parents would always be telling you to clean your room? They’d be like “make a game of it, it’ll be fun.” Yeah cheers Mum, awesome game.. Well as it turns out, Mum was actually right. Distracting yourself from the fact that your picking up dirty clothes and waving a feather duster around is a sure fire way of getting through your cleaning with your sanity intact.

Unf ortunately you’re probably not six anymore and you might be a little more skeptical about what qualifies as a game. One great way to get your cleaning done is throwing on some tunes in the background and dancing around like Tom Cruise (inRisky Businessnot on Oprah’s couch) while you clean. You might already have a copy ofHousework Hits Volume 5but these are our favourite songs to have on while we clean.

Rocky IV – The Sound Track

Surely you saw this one coming right? Eye Of The Tiger while you’re cleaning your way up the stairs or mopping the floor. The song that is literally called Training Montage, come on, this stuff was made for cleaning. Just try not to get too carried away, because you might make more mess for yourself.

This one is for those days when you really, really don’t want to clean but you know you have to. It’s going to get you pumped, you’re going to get excited and you may even find yourself spontaneously launching into a round of star jumps. Save it for those days and maybe stay away from anything fragile while this is on.

Bruce Springsteen – Born In The USA

There is never, let me just repeat that, never a bad time to put on Born In The USA, it’s gold from start to finish. The great thing about this album is, depending on the type of person you are, you can change who you fantasise about being. You can pretend to be Bruce himself and get the hips going or you can be a young Courtney Cox from the Dancing in the Dark video and come on, be honest, you wish he pulled you up on stage.

Get your dishes started to Born in the USA, wipe the windows down to Glory Days, plug the headphones in and crank Dancing in the Dark while you vacuum! This album is the most danceable tribute to the working class there ever was so chuck a red rag in the back of your Levis and get a dance on while you clean!

Neil Diamond – Hot August Night Live

Cleaning to a live album is great because it’s live! You can hear the audience’s reactions. So when you pause for a moment to do your best Neil Diamond impersonation with the broom during Solitary Man you get rewarded with a thunderous applause. Just make sure you are in fact solitary for that one to avoid severe embarrassment.

This is a double album and it’s choc-a-bloc full of hits. It’s good for those thorough cleans when you really need to give everything a good going over, because it’s got some slower moments for cleaning delicates like the cover of Red Red Wine and then it picks up with great tracks like Sweet Caroline and Cherry Cherry. You’re going to need some stamina if you’re cleaning with this one on and maybe a few warm up stretches wouldn’t be a bad idea. Just in case.

Portishead – Dummy

You might not know this one, but it really is a great album if you want to be especially productive. There are some fantastic beats on this thing and the vocals are truly awe-inspiring. If you’ve got some big speakers turn this one up for the neighbors to hear, let them know you’ve got the cleanest house on the block!

This is another good one for those days that you’re struggling to get motivated for a big clean. It might not pump you up like the Rocky Soundtrack but it will definitely help you escape to somewhere nicer while you’re mopping the floor. It get’s kind of sultry in some places so maybe close the blinds in case you start dancing around with the broom!

Tracy Chapman – Tracy Chapman

Had to throw this one in here, because really, who doesn’t love Tracy Chapman. This album is full of classic songs and it has the most potential for getting you accidently singing along. Seriously, don’t put this on if you’re cleaning the toilet because that brush is starting to look a lot like a microphone!

You’ll be talkin’ about a cleaning revolution when this thing kicks off and you’ll get your house sparkling clean. Some of these songs are pretty inspiring as well so this album does have a bit of motivational potential.

So there you have it, five of the best albums you can listen to while you clean. Even if you don’t choose any off our list you should still try throwing on some music while you clean, it’s a great way to make the process a little less painful. The best way though would be to have us clean for you! We love it and we hardly ever do Neil Diamond impersonations on the job! Almost never I promise.

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