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5 ways to make your kitchen sparkle

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It doesn’t matter how diligent you are, the kitchen is one area of the home that often needs the most attention. Here’s our guide on how to make kitchen sparkle:

Clean as you go

One of the simplest ways for keeping on top of kitchen chaos is to clean as you go. This means packing away items as soon as you’re finished with them and stacking the dishwasher or washing up as you go.

Tackle the stovetop and oven

Before sitting down to enjoy your food, take a few seconds to spray any baked-on stains or spills so they have time to break down. This will avoid the need for heavy duty elbow grease later on.

Wipe down benchtops and cabinets

Once meals are devoured and all surfaces are free of clutter, grab your microfibre cloth or spray n wipe and give the benchtops and sink a thorough wipe down. Finish with a quick buff using a dry cloth. Spot clean any cabinets that may have been hit with food splatters along the way.

Clean out the fridge

Now your kitchen looks amazing again, have a quick peek inside the fridge and remove anything that is out of date (or looks like it may become a science project at any moment). Wipe down the shelves and pop in a box of baking soda at the back of the fridge to capture any nasty odours.

Vacuum and mop

The finishing touch of your big clean should be vacuuming the floor to clear away any loose food, dust or pet hair. Empty the bin and if needed, give the kitchen a quick once over with the mop. You’ll be surprised how much of a difference mopping the kitchen floor makes to your room’s overall appearance. Now sit back and admire your sparkling clean kitchen!

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Madisson Dillon

Madisson is a Communications Writer at Absolute Domestics – Australia’s Largest Agency for Domestic Cleaners, and an authority in the home services industry for over three decades.

Madisson plays a pivotal role in writing content for comprehensive contractor training programs and facilitating successful contractor referrals to a diverse clientele.

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