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Top 5 Housekeepers from TV Shows

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Everyone loves a good cleaner, in fact sometimes we love them so much that we convince them to stay as a live-in housekeeper. And why not? They’re already starting to feel like family anyway, except unlike some, they’re actually willing to lend a hand!

But you wouldn’t ask just anyone to be your live-in housekeeper, in fact it’s a pretty rare occupation these days. So what is it about these top 5 housekeepers, maids and butlers from TV shows that make them so irresistible? Let’s take a look.

(1). Alice Nelson from The Brady Bunch

Perhaps known best for her famous meat pies and dry sense of humour, Alice is housekeeper and friend to the Brady family, and girlfriend to Sam the Butcher.

While she may have found her way to their hearts through her cooking, it was her loyalty to the Brady’s that really made her part of the family. She joined in on family games, vacations and was considered above all, a confidant and friend.

#1 Attribute: To quote the famous blue-uniformed housekeeper, “Oh vampires are a pain in the neck!” No one quite knew how to tell a joke like Alice, hence the popular response, “Oh, Alice!” Her dry sense of humour is just another way to brighten up a dull house.

(2). Rosie the Robot Maid from The Jetsons

Rosie the Robot is a beloved part of the family, even if she was just an old, out-dated demonstrator model purchased from “U-Rent a Maid.” With only one wheel responsible for balancing a body made of heavy metal, Rosie still manages to get chores done at record-speed.

#1 Attribute: They say wisdom comes with age, which is perhaps what makes Rosie so smart. Even though she is out-dated and there are newer models on the market, the Jetsons would never trade Rosie for another household robot. Her many years of experience have made her the go-to source for advice, and the entire Jetson family value her opinions as much as they do her cleaning.

(3). Geoffrey Barbara Butler from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Known as the “cynical butler,” Geoffrey is not your average live-in housekeeper, and that’s probably a good thing. Whilst the wealthy Banks family might appreciate his blunt honesty and abrupt commentary, most families would probably prefer someone a bit less… sarcastic.

Geoffrey’s claim to fame is being slapped in the face by Queen Elizabeth II for cheating in the 1976 Olympic Summer games where he falsely won a gold medal; an incident that serves as a reminder to thoroughly check your housekeeper’s history before inviting them to live with you.

#1 Attribute: It could be a blessing or a curse, but Geoffrey’s honesty is certainly what the Banks family keeps him around for. If you are looking for a straight-shooting housekeeper, they don’t get much better (or worse) than Geoffrey.

(4). Daphne Moon from Frasier

It’s extremely rare to find a housekeeper who doubles up as your father’s care-giver, but that’s exactly what Frasier Crane got when he hired English immigrant, Daphne Moon to be his live-in housekeeper.

Down-to-earth Daphne is known best for her sweet nature. She is Martin Crane’s care-giver and companion and is the first to try to resolve family arguments.

#1 Attribute: Although the Cranes don’t seem to care much for it, Daphne is a gifted storyteller and can keep you entertained for hours. She has a unique ability to turn otherwise mundane events into rambling stories that are either incredibly happy or shockingly grim. If that’s what you’re looking for in a cleaner, see if she’s still for hire.

(5). Consuela from Family Guy

Head of the Maid’s Union and of Hispanic origin, Consuela is best known for her broken English catch phrase, “noooo no… I clean” and her tendency to refer to everyone as “Misser”.

Either she is in high demand or is just extremely annoying, but Consuela can’t seem to hold down a job. She’s worked as a maid for Superman, Darth Vader and the Griffin’s but unlike Alice or Geoffrey, she just doesn’t seem to be cut out for life as a live-in housekeeper.

#1 Attribute: Consuela has won the hearts of millions of Family Guy viewers due to her ridiculous antics and stubborn nature, such as refusing to bring cleaning products to the job, or even refusing to clean altogether.

This might not be an admirable attribute that you would look for in a cleaner, but it certainly makes for good television, hence why Consuela made it to our list of best housekeepers from TV shows.

Just like most things, television tends to make live-in housekeeping look easy but the reality is, having a cleaner or maid live with you 24/7 is less than ideal in most situations. So to avoid sarcastic butlers like Geoffrey or for more flexible cleaning options, just give us a shout. We promise not to overstay our welcome.

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