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How To Maximise Your Pantry Space

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Do you find yourself searching around your pantry trying to look for a specific condiment or spice but can’t seem to find them? Then it’s probably time to organise your pantry!

Here are diverse organisation ideas and tips to help you quickly tidy up and organise your pantry.

Pantry Organisation ideas

Clear Containers

An effective and aesthetically pleasing way to organise your pantry is to buy clear containers for storing your goods. It’s a very straightforward way to organise your pantry so it looks neat and tidy.

You could even buy colourful pens and label your containers! Who knows, having everything clear and in view might even inspire you to try out some new recipes!

Over the door storage

Installing an over the door storage unit in your pantry door is a smart way to increase your pantry space. We recommend you try and keep things that aren’t too bulky or heavy to keep behind your door, so it doesn’t weigh it down.

Dispose of out of date items

This might seem like a no brainer, but oftentimes if you aren’t sure what items are in your pantry there’s a high chance you have some items untouched and expiring. If you come across items that are either out of date or know you’ll never use, it’s time to throw them out.

Arrange items by everyday use 

When you’re putting everything away, we recommend you try and keep everything you use regularly at eye level. This way you have high visibility and everyone in your household can see what’s available. So the next time you’re doing your shopping, you can see which items are running low.

Storing food together

A lot of people like to stock up on things like onions and potatoes in their pantries. If you do too, here’s a little helpful hint. Onion and garlic can be stored together but don’t keep them too close to your potatoes, doing so hastens their ripening. Mushrooms can either be refrigerated or kept at room temperature, but if you’re thinking of storing them in your pantry remember to keep them in paper bags.

For flour, keep it away from strong-smelling items or spices such as cumin or curry powder so they don’t accidentally absorb the flavour. The same rule applies for bread, they’re best kept in a bread box.

If you can’t find the time to go through and reorganise your pantry, there’s no harm in seeking out help! Absolute Domestics offer pantry organisation services on top of professional cleaning.

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