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How often should I have my house cleaned?

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If you are thinking of hiring a professional cleaner, your first question is typically: how often should cleaners come? The short answer is: it depends on your budget and the size of your home.

Four factors that determine how often you should get your house cleaned

Factor #1: the size of your house

If you have a mega mansion with five bathrooms, it will naturally take more time to clean than a single bedroom city apartment. Similarly, heritage-listed and older homes typically require more upkeep—perhaps floors to polish, high ceilings to dust and fireplaces to clean.

Factor #2: what you want cleaned

Most cleaning clients want the basics done like cleaning the floors, bathrooms, kitchens, toilets and other areas. Cleaners typically dust, vacuum, mop, wipe surfaces, clean the kitchen, bathroom and toilets. You might want extra attention paid to skirting boards, under furniture or other nooks and crannies too. Chairs, splashbacks, couch cushions, microwaves or ovens, mirrors, windowsills, walls and light switches might need regular attention too.

Factor #3: your messy level

Are you a neat freak, living alone and rarely at home? You definitely don’t need super-frequent cleaning. But if you have pets or children (the messy darlings) you may need to have cleaners come more often to deal with the aftermath of all that pet hair, crumbs and general mess that they’re so good at creating.

Factor#4: your budget

You need to factor in what you’re willing to spend on a cleaner. For many of our clients, they’d rather invest in a cleaner so they can spare up valuable free time. This may be to enjoy life with friends and family, without worrying about cleaning. Or, to earn money that far and beyond covers whatever cleaning costs are incurred. (Usually, it’s both) Investing in cleaning gives you the gift of more time, and less stress—so we think it’s invaluable. But you should always get what you can afford and what your budget allows.

The joy of kids and pets means you need frequent house cleaning

Families with kids and pets means messy houses—it’s a sign of all the fun you’re having as a family.  Your adorable dog or cat leaves pet hair everywhere. Younger kids are experts at leaving crumbs and mess all over the house. Teens are famous for their slovenly ways.

Big families or small can still enjoy a fresh clean home each week with cleaning. Most families find that a weekly cleaning service is suitable to keep their home maintained.

<em>Cute dog, but you might need a cleaner more frequently</em>.

Cute dog, but you might need a cleaner more frequently.

When you live alone, how often should you get your house cleaned?

Are you one of the almost one quarter of Australians who live alone? If you live alone and don’t have pets, we still recommend a weekly or fortnightly clean, to avoid buildup of grime, dust, cobwebs and dirt. If you have a smaller property, like a one bedroom apartment, a regular two hourly clean will keep on top of everything.

Can I get a house cleaner to come every day?

Yes! Some people are looking for a housekeeping service where the cleaner arrives every day or multiple days a week. When cleaners come daily or a few days a week, everything is always kept spick and span. Things don’t get a chance to build up and your house can be absolutely spotless, every single day. Some clients love to invest in this service, so they can come home to a fresh clean house every day of the week. A minimum two-hour clean is all that’s necessary when you have a housekeeping service.

If you have a smaller place, you may not need such frequent cleaning.

If you have a smaller place, you may not need such frequent cleaning.

How often should cleaners come? Potential options

  • weekly clean: most popular
  • twice weekly: if you have pets or children
  • fortnightly: suitable if you are rarely at home
  • one off: good for a deep clean every month or so, or a couple of times a year, but you’ll need to clean yourself in between visits

Allergies and health issues: frequent cleaning may help

If you or your family suffer asthma, hay fever, allergies or other health issues, cleaning becomes more than a luxury investment to save yourself time and stress – it’s a health consideration. So if that’s you, consider a more frequent cleaning schedule to prevent the buildup of dust, mould and allergens in your home.

Questions to ask when deciding how often your cleaner should come

When you are hiring a cleaner for the first time, you are often not sure what is suitable. Here’s some elements to consider:

  • What cleaning do you need done?
  • Are you willing to do touch-up cleans in between professional cleaner visits?
  • Is there anything you’d prefer to clean yourself? (some people enjoy keeping favourite cleaning chores to themselves)
  • Do you have an iRobot or Roomba that will save cleaners needing to vacuum?
  • If budget is limited, could you get a basic clean and do more yourself?
  • Do you want housekeeping services as well as cleaning? This includes stripping beds, washing sheets, doing other laundry and putting it away, as well as other chores like light tidying, emptying dishwasher and putting dishes away, cleaning the fridge or pantry, or other housekeeping duties

When you are not sure how often to get your house cleaned

We recommend starting with a weekly clean for two hours as a trial for a month or so. This is the most typical arrangement for our customers. After your trial, you’ll know whether the frequency is suitable for you. If you are finding the grime building up in your home between visits, you can increase the booking to twice a week. Or if your cleaner has nothing to do because the home is still spotless, you can drop it back to fortnightly cleans.

In summary, how often to get your house cleaned

  • Most people get a two-hour clean once a week or once a fortnight
  • Bigger homes with kids and pets may need a longer visit or more frequent cleans
  • People living alone or rarely home in smaller homes may need less frequent cleaning visits
  • You can get a cleaner as often as you wish – even daily
  • Consider what you want your cleaner to do and your cleaning budget to determine the best frequency for your professional house cleaning service

Ready to enjoy the benefits of hiring a professional house cleaner?

Tired of spending your spare time cleaning? You can arrange your cleaning trial today with our easy online booking calculator. Our professional house cleaners are ready to save you time and make your life easier by taking care of all your cleaning needs.

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