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Surprising things a cleaner can do for you

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When you are thinking of hiring a house cleaner, you are often wondering what things they can do. Especially if it’s your first time hiring a cleaner, you might be unsure what they actually do?

There’s of course the standard cleaning tasks which we outline below, but there’s probably a lot more your cleaner can happily do for you, provided they have the time.

The standard things a cleaner typically does

  • vacuum the carpeted areas and floorboards
  • mop floors
  • wipe down benchtops in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry
  • dust and remove cobwebs
  • polish mirrors, spot clean cabinetry and kitchen splashback
  • clean the kitchen, shower, bathroom, toilets

But what else can your cleaner do?

We work with thousands of clients around Australia and New Zealand, so this is a topic we can talk about for days. You may be surprised to find your cleaner can do much more than the basics.

Of course, everything takes time, so you can’t simply add the entire list below to your cleaner’s duties. You may need to extend your booking for an hour or so to cover these additional jobs.

But imagine coming home to find all this has been done for you? It’s absolute bliss.

Surprising things your cleaners can do you for you

Empty the dishwasher and put dishes away

Just load and start your dishwasher the night before your cleaner comes, and then they’ll empty it during their shift and you’ll come home to find it empty and ready for more dirty dishes.

Unpack your grocery delivery

Just schedule your weekly grocery delivery for the window when your cleaner is at your house and everything will be put away, just where you want it while you’re out and about.

Fold and file washing

Do you have a never-ending parade of clean clothes to put away? Especially if you have kids, this can easily become a pile of washing that never gets put in the wardrobe or cupboards. A cleaner can fold washing for each member of the household, and put it away too, if you wish. If your kids are in charge of putting away their own laundry to get their pocket money, just get the cleaner to fold and put away your washing (the kids will never know).


Are you the kind of person who does ironing in a rush every morning in between checking emails on your phone and gulping a quick coffee? Getting your cleaner to take care of ironing will save you precious moments in the morning and get you a more positive, less stressful start to the day.

Change bedsheets

Is changing bed linen one household task that you keep putting off? Your cleaner can strip the bed, wash the sheets and change the bedlinen. So each week you’re sliding into fresh clean sheets without lifting a finger yourself.

Clean out the fridge

Got some withered old parsley or expired yoghurt in your fridge? A clean sparking fridge is much healthier for everyone, and it’s a task that easily gets put off. Why not add cleaning the fridge each week or fortnight to your list of things your cleaner can do for you? You’ll never be forced to investigate mysterious fridge smells again.

Clean out the pantry

You’ve probably got some expired taco seasoning hiding in the back cupboard, or a tin of lentils you’ll never eat. So getting your cleaner to check pantry items, wipe down shelves and toss out any old food is a great way to keep your pantry organised. You’ll save so much space in there too!

Use sustainable cleaning products

Plenty of our clients are switching to using environmentally friendly cleaning products. Our clients supply their own cleaning products for cleaners to use, so we will use whatever cleaning products you specify. Many clients choose 100% biodegradable, and the products on the market these days are just as efficient as harsh chemicals, without the dangerous impact on the planet.

Clean the microwave and oven

It’s one of those household cleaning jobs, you just never get around to, right? The longer you leave it, the harder they are to clean, as splatters dry up and are difficult to remove. So a regular clean of the microwave and oven keeps the appliances sparkling and prevents buildup of grime.

Clean light switches and other frequently-touched surfaces

Light switches are actually very high contact surfaces in your home. If you have kids, they can easily get grimy with fingerprints and mess. Your cleaner can wipe down light switches, handrails, doors and door frames and other frequently-touched surfaces in your home.

Clean the couch

The couch is a magnet for crumbs, pens and coins. If you have children you are bound to find lego pieces and dried out textas there too. Your cleaner can remove the cushions and vacuum in the recess, getting rid of crumbs and whatnot that seems to accumulate there. (We recommend getting your couch professionally steam cleaned regularly too.)

Clean chairs

Your chairs are often a place where crumbs gather, and they need a good wipe regularly. Your work from home office chair probably needs a deep clean too — you likely spend plenty of time there! It’s just one of the many things a cleaner can do for you.

Clean under furniture

Unless it’s too heavy to move alone, your cleaner can periodically clean underneath furniture where crumbs and dust lurks.

Change the bins

The bin drawer can fast become a stink zone unless it’s cleaned regularly. So allocate this job to the cleaner and keep it under control. Many people are moving to multiple bin drawers for food waster, paper, plastic and other garbage. Your cleaner can empty the bins, clean the containers and wipe down the bin drawer (or the floor standing bin, if you have one,) and have everything spick and span again.

Clean the rangehood

The rangehood can easily get grimy with a buildup of oil residue from your daily cooking. Regular cleaning will prevent the buildup getting out of control.

Tidy up toys and putting them away

Ah, the never-ending mind numbing banality of picking up toys can be escaped for just one day when the cleaner comes! You are on your own for the other days of the week though. At least that one day you won’t have to worry about bits of lego, dress ups, crayons and books and putting them away — your cleaner can take care of a light tidy up of the toy room for you.

Polishing silverware

Do you ever get the good silverware out for guests and find it a little grimy? From time to time, you can get your cleaner to give it a polish so it’s spick and span when you need it.

Cleaning picture frames

Those lovely family photos are a great place for dust to gather. Even framed photos on the walls can be a collection point for household dust. Your cleaner can give picture frames a quick wipe during each visit to have them looking fine and dust-free.

We’ve left our favourite thing your cleaner can do for you till last — it’s the best one of all

One thing our clients love about hiring a house cleaner is this final task. It’s using initiative and doing what they see needs doing. If you trust your cleaner to show initiative, you will reap amazing rewards. They’ll spot that the shopping bags need filing. Or notice when the skirting boards need an extra wipe. They’ll pop drain cleaner down the drain if they notice it’s getting clogged. So, it’s a wonderful reason to have a cleaner because they act as your eyes and ears and just notice the things that need doing. This is often why our clients love their cleaners so much!

Remember, these extra tasks take extra time

Make sure to give your cleaner enough time to get through all their duties, and increase your frequency and/or time allocation to allow them enough time to do it all for you!  You need to communicate with your cleaner so they know your priorities. If you want your cleaner to use initiative, be sure to make it clear and avoid the problem of a cleaner spending time on something you don’t want done. If you have a very clear priority list, this is never a problem!

Ready to try a home cleaner for yourself? You’ll love arriving home to a fresh clean home after every visit.

Check out our cleaning services page, or give us a call to chat to our expert team about what a cleaner can do for you.

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