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We hope you love your cleaner as much as we love ours and can’t imagine living without the extra help. The lovely lady we have keeps the house clean and tidy, washes and irons the clothes and keeps things organised. Our labradoodle loves her too!

To find out more about Absolute Domestics, please see our terrific team below. We have hard working and friendly co-ordinators dedicated to co-ordinating your cleaning service and ensuring you’re always happy with the service provided. They also act as Team Managers to a team of cleaners, making sure they have the work they want providing housekeeping for busy families and individuals, the elderly and professional couples who just can’t do it all.

This business began over 23 years ago and now operates throughout the whole of Australia. With a centralised Customer Contact Centre for quality control and recruitment teams on the ground in each city recruiting hard working and reliable domestic cleaners in Australia, we’re here to help you take the work out of housework!

Ron & Joy Vess

Absolute Domestics Directors

QLD & NT Team

Carmel Team Leader

Managing the Queensland division, Carmel has worked for Absolute Domestics for over 10 years.

Cammy Area Coordinator

Looking after our once-off cleaners in Queensland, if Cammy doesn’t know it- it doesn’t exist

Della Area Coordinator

With her bubbly personality and can-do attitude, Della works as a Team Manager for our inner Brisbane area.

Maree Area Coordinator

With over 7 years experience as a Team Manger, Marie is a knowledgeable and dedicated Team Manager, responsible for the inner Brisbane region.

Sue Area Coordinator

Answering our new business enquiries, Sue has over 8 years experience with Absolute Domestics and is dedicated to providing help with the housework

Tracy Area Coordinator

Answering our new business enquiries, Tracy is a fun-loving member of our Sales Team. With over 5 years experience at Absolute Domestics, Tracy loves interacting with new clients on a daily basis.

Nikki Area Coordinator

Coordinating cleaning services for the northside of Brisbane, Nikki is passionate about delivering a high quality service.

Reanna Area Coordinator

Taking care of our Gold Coast cleaners and clients, Reanna knows what's needed to provide a high quality service.

Levi Area Coordinator

Always on hand to help out any way she can, Levi provides valuable support to all teams.

Jeanette Area Coordinator

With her friendly and focussed nature, Jeanette is a wonderful Sales and Customer Service representative ready to take your call.

Belinda Area Coordinator

Team Manager to our cleaners in Cairns, Toowoomba, Sunshine Coast, Central Queensland and Darwin, Belinda is our go-to-gal when it comes to our regional areas.

NSW & ACT Team

Adrianna Area Coordinator

Adrianna is a valuable support across all divisions and has over 8 years experience matching cleaners to clients.

Alison Area Coordinator

With her delightful English accent, Alison is Team Manager to our North Sydney cleaners.

Aldonna Area Coordinator

With over 8 years experience as a Team Manager, Aldonna acts as a support to various Team Managers as required.

Bev Area Coordinator

Bev knows the benefits that come from creating positive client relationships and uses this knowledge every day to serve our clients.

Reagan Area Coordinator

With years of experience and knowledge, Raegan is a loyal Team Manager to our ACT once off and regular cleaners.

Heidi Team Leader

Heidi's terrific organisational skills come in very handy as she manages the NSW and ACT team and looks after client retention.

Marie Area Coordinator

Marie is our delightful Team Manager responsible for any one-off cleans in the Sydney region.

Glenda H
Glenda H Area Coordinator

With great attention to detail and a strong focus on keeping our cleaners and clients happy, Glenda is always ready to help.

Sammy Area Coordinator

Sammy supports our Sydney team and also focuses on client retention, giving it her all every day.

Robyn P
Robyn P Area Coordinator

Robyn uses her vast experience in finance and customer service to ensure the northern beaches district runs smoothly.

Leona Area Coordinator

Looking after the inner city pockets of Sydney, Leona is a cheerful and organised member of the team.

SA, VIC & WA Team

Vicki Manager

Vicki's motto in life is "anything is possible". Managing alongside Adrian, Vicki helps coordinate cleaning services between our NZ cleaners and clients.

Jody Area Coordinator

Bringing a lifetime of experience from the banking industry, Jody takes great care of our clients and cleaners in the SA and WA area.

Trina Team Leader

Both Team Manager to our Perth cleaners and internal Team Leader, Trina is a wealth of knowledge and thrives on giving it her all.

Isabella Area Coordinator

Issy brings her positive outlook to the job and instils this in her Cleaners. She is Team Manager to our Melbourne Cleaners.

Lynn Area Coordinator

Lyn is our lovely Team Manager who is responsible for the one off cleaners in her area. Personable and understanding, Lynn is a valued Team Manger.

Samantha Area Coordinator

Samantha is a wealth of knowledge and always willing to help out, providing support across each division.

Sharna Training Officer

Working as both an Area Coordinator and a Training Officer, Sharna loves the variety and enjoyment that comes from her work.

Kelli Area Coordinator

Kelli acts as a support to various Team Managers, and her bright smile and easygoing nature always light up the office.

Katrina Area Coordinator

Looking after our New Zealand clients and cleaners, Katrina is a wealth of knowledge and has been an integral part of the Absolute Domestics team for over 10 years.

Kristin Area Coordinator

Kristin's bright and cheerful smile is contagious and this lovely lady happily supports various areas of the business.

Adrian Manager

Co-manager of the New Zealand arm of the business, Adrian works alongside Vicki to keep things running smoothly.

Rebecca Area Coordinator

Rebecca is a bubbly and friendly Team Manager who helps coordinate cleaning services in the Melbourne and Victoria region.

Nicole Area Coordinator

Looking after our regular cleaners in Perth, Nicole provides steady support to everyone she talks to.

Kylie Area Coordinator

With a fun and focused approach, Kylie is a valued Area Coordinator for our Victorian clients and cleaners.

April Area Coordinator

April offers assistance to a number of areas in the business, providing strong customer service support.

Viv Area Coordinator

Having worked in most area's of the business over a number of years, Viv is multi-talented when it comes to looking after our cleaners and clients in New Zealand.

Recruitment Team

Jo Recruitment Officer

Jo prides herself in ensuring the highest level of candidates pass our recruitment checks. Bubbly and positive, she is a valuable member of the team.

Christine Recruitment Officer

Responsible for recruitment in our Central Coast and Regional New South Wales region, Christine ensures once off and regular cleaners are available for our clients.

Trudy Recruitment Officer

Trudy loves the satisfaction that comes from recruiting reliable and trustworthy cleaners. With over 9 years experience, she knows her stuff.

Andrea Recruitment Officer

With her bright and bubbly personality, Andrea is a wonderful asset to the Recruitment team.

Denise Recruitment Officer

Denise brings with her over 9 years experience when it comes to recruiting reliable and trustworthy cleaners across Sydney.

Renee Recruitment Officer

Responsible for the recruitment of our Perth cleaners, Renee knows what to look for to ensure we have reliable and trustworthy cleaners registered.

Sally Recruitment Officer

As a Recruitment Officer, Sally supports various states during busy periods. Always bubbly and positive, Sally certainly enjoys her role.

Joanna Recruitment Officer

Loyal and multi-talented, Joanna currently assists the Absolute Domestics team in a supervisory role for Melbourne and Tasmania Recruitment.

Training & Support Team

Sharna Training Officer

Working as both an Area Coordinator and a Training Officer, Sharna loves the variety and enjoyment that comes from her work.

Tricia Accounts Manager

With over 11 years experience as Finance Manager, Tricia loves her numbers. Always smiling, she oversees the finance staff within the department.

Renae Marketing and Comms

Responsible for our Marketing and Communications, Renae specialises in building our Client relationships and brand management.

Tim IT Manager

Our IT Guru, where would we be without Tim! No question is too hard for this handy man and working with an office of women, he has his work cut out!

Chubby Office Mascot

Loved by everyone in the office, Chubby is our affectionate, fun loving furry workmate that puts an instant smile on your face!